Hollowfied Ichigo

War Lord is a mysterious being from another dimension. He claims that the kingdom of Equestria was suppose to originally be his and he tends to get what he wants. Do to his cloak, his powers have gotten weaker.


War Lord is a being bent on world destruction. He is one of those villains that plan to take over the world but he plans on doing that by destroying the world that is already there. He doesn't care about what will happen when ever he comes to the world as long as his plans succeed. Whenever he takes his cloak off his powers are tripled and he grows even more evil.


Princess CelestiaEdit

Since Celestia's the ruler of Equestria and War Lord plans to take over he sees her as a mortal enemy. He claims that they already met before and that he was the one that turned her sister, Princess Luna, evil.

Twilight SparkleEdit

His plan to control Equestria all resolves around her. Since she's the one that controls the most powerful of the Elements of Harmony he plans on capturing her and steal her magic so he can make it his own.



  • His cloak represents Organization XIII's cloak from Kingdom Hearts
  • His true form represents the fully hollowfied Ichigo from Bleach