Rarity (1)
Rarity is a unicorn pony with a white body, blue eyes and a royal purple mane and tail which are combined in wavy curls most of time. She has the appearance of Glory, the unicorn who made a short appearance in Rescue from Midnight Castle and is named after her prior namesake character from The Runaway Rainbow. Her cutie mark matches that of Sparkler, a unicorn pony that made her appearance in Escape from Catrina, but with fewer diamonds. She is a fashion designer/seamstress at her own dressmaking shop, the Carousel Boutique. She is very stylish and beautiful, takes great interest in fashion and clothing design, and often tries to make herself the center of attention. She considers herself a lady and often acts sophisticated. She can also be very dramatic, often when a disaster occurs to her. She is Sweetie Belle's older sister and dreams of becoming a designer for Princess Celestia. She also once hoped to marry Celestia's nephew Prince Blueblood, until she actually met him, where he turned out to be snobbish, rude, and self-centered. Rarity's magic has been demonstrated to involve both telekinesis and finding nearby jewels buried underground. She represents the element of generosity. She has a persian cat named Opalescence with blue eyes just like hers.

Love InterestEdit

Puss in BootsEdit

In all her life she has never been attractive to something other than stallions, but ever since she saw the charm that Puss in Boots had she made an exception in that matter her only regret is that he's not a pony.

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