1000px-SDMI 201 Crybaby Clown
Crybaby Clown is a minor character from The Amazing World of Gumball Crossover Edition.

He is a large clown dressed as a baby. While in character, Crybaby Clown lives up to his namesake. Often crying and relating most things to what make him sad. Overall he is arrogant, believing he cannot be caught. He is violent and unpredictable. Even coining an evil laugh which, true to his name, sounds like crying He attacks with exploding baby bottles. He has good combat driving skills with his hot-rod, designed to look like a large baby carriage. He also has a foam bomb that he captures people in and he also has flower that spray sleeping gas. Lastly he has an ice cream weapon and an exploding rattle. He also has confetti strings that traps people in them.

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